Date : Dec 30, 2016
Time : 12:00 AM
Address :
1657 Broadway, 2FL
New York, NY

New Year’s Eve Celebration

Education Annex, Room 201

If you are from the ages of 18–29, join us as we celebrate the New Year from Friday, December 30th at 12AM midnight to 6AM, December 31st for an all-night event filled with fun and games, activities, food, music and prizes! Admission is $10, and there would be a HUGE grand prize raffle at the end of the night! Invite your friends!



By Subway:

Line Station
1 50th St. and Broadway
CE 50th St. and 8th Ave.
NRQ 49th St. and 7th Ave.
FM 47-50th St., Rockefeller Center
BD 7th Ave. and 53rd St.