Surrendering your life to the Lord is the best decision you have and will ever make in your life!!!

Now What?

Time to learn what this new life is all about @ Foundations and grow in your walk with God.

Foundations Testimonies

I started foundations in the Fall of 2013. I joined because I wanted to understand more about the character of Jesus Christ. I’ve been in church since I was 13, which was about 12 years ago and because of this foundations program I found out that I didn’t know everything about God although I’ve been in church for so long. (There is so much more to unveil about God each day) I’ve learned how to build a deeper relationship with God, rely on him alone, and use the support of other Christians to help me continue this walk with God even when I don’t feel adequate. Thank God for the support and sacrifice the teachers in this ministry have made to help us grow in our individual lives as Christians as well build up the kingdom of God with fellow family members in Christ.

Danique Love

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More Info

Ministry Leader:

Deshawn Burton


When: Sundays

Time: 3:00PM – 5:00PM

2:30PM for first time attendants

Where: Education Annex, Room 203

For More Information, email: sypfoundations@gmail.com

Weekly Curriculum

Week 1

Who is Jesus” (John 1:1-34)

Week 2

The Earthly Life of Jesus Christ” (John 17)

Week 3

The Death of Jesus Christ” (Romans 3:10-28, 5:1-21)
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ” (John 20)

Week 4

Jesus Christ Living in the Christian” (Revelation 2, 3)
The Church of Jesus Christ” (Hebrews 10:19-25 1Cor 12:12-31)

Week 5

Spiritual Warfare” (Ephesians 6:12 2Cor 10:3, 4:4, 10:5 John 13:2 Acts 5:3) Handout

Week 6

The Christian’s Certainty” (John 3:1-20, 1John 5: 9-15)
The Christ Controlled Life” (1Cor 2:11, 3:5 Gal 5:16-24)

Week 7

“Five Principles of Growth” (James 1:18-27 Matt 26:31-75 1Cor 12:12-27 Acts 26:12-29)

Week 8

“The Biblical Principle of Tithing” Handout / POTLUCK LUNCH SCHEDULED

Week 9

“The Christian’s Authority” (Psalm 119:97-104)
“Learning to Pray” (Philippians 4:6 Psalm 62:8 Acts 4:23-33)

Week 10

“The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 1:8, 19:6) Handout

Week 11

Water Baptism Class (when scheduled)