04 November 2016

You Will Get Through This

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Sometimes life is so hard, and it usually seems to be the case that everything falls apart all at once. It’s like you lose your job, you stay fighting with your parents, your boyfriend breaks up with you , your best friend isn’t talking to you, the bills are piling up, you’re sick, and to top it off its about to be Christmas! And you’re like,”For real Lord? Are you serious?!  I thought you work all things together for my good and I’m not seeing it right now! Why is this happening to me, why now?” Ever had one of those moments, just drama and pain at every turn? Bet you thought being a Christian would make you exempt from the hard times, but the reality is – it doesn’t. In fact the Bible tells us that we will suffer trials and persecution, that’s a guarantee my friend. There is simply no way around it, BUT there is GOOD NEWS!

Though the trials may come, we can be certain that our trials have an appointed end. This Friday at The Gate, Pastor Patrick preached a message about this very thing. He encouraged us as believers to be confident that God is allowing those trails to happen in order to work in us endurance, character, and hope! Those trails are refining us to become believers of an unwavering and deliberate faith, believers that can stand in midst of hardship and darkness, believers mature enough to walk in the fullness of our calling and relationship with Jesus Christ.


We can have hope because we know that CHRIST loves us that the victory is already ours, and even if you feel like you haven’t been the ideal Christian, you can rest in the assurance that we are still the apple of His eye. If you’ve fallen short and repented, meaning you sincerely turned away from that struggle, you can still walk out the purpose that God has for you. Look at King David, a man after God’s own heart, yes, but he was also a man of many hardships, heartbreaks and short falls. However he was a man who could hear the voice of God and repent, because he had a deliberate desire to see God glorified.

David was a man who was overlooked by his father, challenged by a giant and betrayed by his leader (Saul) and that’s just a few things he went through. David was anointed to be king by the prophet Samuel, but it would be 13 years before he sat on the throne and a total of 22 years before his calling of being a king that brought the nation of Israel back to the Lord their God, was fulfilled.  David needed to experience those struggles and downfalls in order to be prepared to walk in the fullness and authority of the plan that God had on his life.

Take heart, Jesus still loves you. He has not forgotten you. God will not cast you away; we can have peace with God because we have been made right with God. There is nothing that can keep us from Him and from spending eternity with Him because we have trusted in Jesus Christ as our savior.

The Lord will not give you more than you can bear. He will only allow this trial to go on until it has grown and refined you. You will be elevated to place that God has called you to so stand fast! Christ has brought us into a place of undeserved privilege.  We can rejoice! When you know God loves you, you can go through anything, because He will never do anything to hurt or destroy you.


See you next week at the Gate,


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